How To Keep Your House Clean Without Selling Your Soul

5 Things To Declutter Today

YAY!! I can’t wait to start decluttering my completely overwhelming life

–Said No Mom Ever

I’m not sure what it is exactly about the word “Declutter” that gets everyone’s panties in a bunch….

…but humans get VERY attached to their belongings and get very upset if anyone even suggests they downsize.

If you are a mama who has come to the realization that she NEEDS to get her decluttering on but just doesn’t know where to start, you are in the right place.

Below are 5 Things To Declutter Today to help you rip off the bandaide and get the decluttering train moving.

I promise you, getting started is the hardest part. It gets easier as you go and is kind of addicting.

I created this decluttering checklist to help get you started. I got you, Mama <3 CLICK HERE for your FREE copy!

Kitchen Counter Tops

The kitchen is a high traffic area that is used for so many different activities and tends to really build up clutter.

A good place that you can start today is with the countertops.

  • Clear as many items as you can by storing large items that aren’t used often (like a kitchen aid or toaster oven) in an accessible cabinet.
  • Remove and items that have built up around sink (stinky towels, or cleaners that are not used often.)
  • Wash and put away any dishes and wipe down counter tops.

It will open up space and feel much cleaner and inviting.

Kitchen Table Or Main Eating Area

This is a high traffic space that seems to be a catch-all for things like kids crafts, snacks, laundry, mail, or lunch bags.

Clear each item off the table and create a designated space for it.

That will limit the temptation to plop it back on the table next time.

One Bag Of Clothes From Your Closet

While decluttering your clothes always seems so overwhelming, if you do it in bite size pieces it is much more managable.

Start by filling one single bag full of items that don’t fit you, you don’t like, you haven’t ever worn, or don’t look good on you.

Drop off at the closest donation center.


If you don’t have a system for mail, it will end up in multiple piles all over your home. It can get really frustrating.

Go through your mail, discard junk, create a place for bills and anything else you tend to keep.

Apps On Your Phone

Go through your phone and delete any apps that you haven’t used in the past 6 months.

Categorize the apps you use often.

Having a cluttered phone can be just as daunting as having a cluttered home.

It’s tempting to get overwhelmed when you begin the decluttering process.

By breaking it down into bite size pieces, you give yourself the freedom to work on a manageable task, complete it, and benefit from it.

Don’t forget to grab your FREEdecluttering checklist to help get you started.  CLICK HERE for your FREE copy!


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