17 Creative Healthy Alternatives to Candy This Easter

17 Creative Healthy Alternatives to Candy This Easter

Easter Hurray!!! Let’s buy all the candy and give it to our kids so they can stuff it in their little tummies to nourish their growing bodies!! ?

If you’re anything like me and want to participate in creating a fun experience for all the Hallmark holidays but dread the thought of just throwing candy at your kids, mama, you are in the right place. I got you ?

The first time my kids were old enough to understand Easter baskets, I dreaded having to put one together. Not because I didn’t want them to have fun but because I just hate giving them candy all the time.

The amount of sugar hidden in kid-friendly food is actually astonishing.

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As my kids transitioned from baby to toddler, it seemed like every snack on the market was mostly made up of white flour and sugar (check your labels, it’s disturbing).

It’s kind of ironic because both white flour and white sugar are on the top 10 list of cancer-causing ingredients. If you don’t believe me, check out this article

Not to mention that everywhere you go, people give your kids candy. Just today my kids were offered a rather large piece of chocolate in the store followed by a sucker at the post office.

Below is a list of cost-friendly Easter Basket alternatives to tons of sugar.

Note: I’m not a complete fun hater as my husband says, I do include a limited amount of candy. They will also get their candy fix at multiple Easter egg hunts and from Grandparents.

I go to the dollar tree for pretty much all my festive decor and gifts. I like to spend as little as possible since I am most likely going to throw everything away in the next month or so.

The dollar tree offers Easter Baskets for $1 versus Target’s $10 bunny basket. They are cute and all but let’s be real, that sucker is going to be drug through the mud and doesn’t even have a chance to make it to next year’s Easter Egg Hunt.

Let’s make the parting processes as painless as possible on our bank account.

Top Two Tips:

1) Focus on consumable products (so you don’t end up bringing more clutter in your home) but not candy (examples listed below)

2) Purchase practical items that you need to buy your kids anyway but make them special by getting it in their favorite color or with their favorite character on it.

New Tooth Brush

Getting a new toothbrush is always fun and exciting! Chances are, they are probably due for a new one anyway so you’re killing two birds with one stone.

Fun Socks

My kids are obsessed with paw patrol and The Incredibles. I found these socks on Amazon that I will add to their Easter Basket instead of candy.

Fun Pencils, crayons, markers, colors pencils

Incorporate items that spark creativity. Toddlers love to color, draw, and be creative! Having extra craft supplies on hand is always a good idea.

Teach To Draw Book

We purchased this book for my kids and they have been such a great investment.

Both my three and four year old will sit and try to draw the characters in the book. And both have improved significantly in their ability to draw.

A New Book

Capitalize on a chance to encourage reading by adding a new book to your little’s Easter Basket.

New Pajamas In Their Favorite Characters

Because I try to do a capsule wardrobe for my kids, I’m not a huge fan of character clothing or shoes.

So I keep characters to things like socks, toothbrush, underwear, and pajamas.

By doing this it also makes it more special for them because they don’t have a ton of paw patrol or Elsa t-shirts. So when they get something with their favorite character on it, it’s really special.

New Underwear

Every toddler loves getting new underwear. Another practical item that you are going to have to buy eventually. Why not capitalize by making it special with their favorite characters on them.

Note Pad

To go along with their drawing supplies. I like to get medium and small sizes so they can bring them in the car


The dollar tree carries puzzles and I love getting them for my kids because WHEN we lose pieces we can just throw them away.


An item that you will be buying all summer long but is still exciting every single time a toddler lays eyes on them.

Craft Project

Target has THE BEST pre-made craft projects. By pre-made I mean has all the pieces you need in one little package. I found a little sewing kit last week and my girls loved it.

A Family Game

Uno, Go Fish, Connect Four, and A Matching game to name a few. These items will encourage family time and are so much fun to do together.

A New Sippy Cup

“I swear there were 10 sippy cups in my kitchen yesterday and now I can’t find one”
–Every mom, everywhere, right before bedtime

Carrot Sticks Wrapped In A Green Ribbon

Not as cool as candy, but bunny’s love carrots. I think any toddler would appreciate that 🙂

Sidewalk Chalk

Another item you will be buying all summer long. You may as well add it their Easter Basket for some sidewalk fun.

Fresh Berries

Put a palm full of fresh berries in your Easter Eggs for a sweet healthy treat


This is our first year using these but they look epic and I cannot wait for my kids to play with them!

Enjoy building a cost-friendly Easter Basket for your littles this year by using the 17 items mentioned above!

Now you’re off the hook for loading your kids up with chocolate and sugar for the weekend.

I would love to hear what you put in your kids Easter Basket. Drop a photo in the comments! <3


May Your Coffee Be Stronger Than Your Toddler

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