How To Get Multiple Uses Out Of A Small Closet Space

“This house has tiny closets”……..I explained to my husband after we had lived in our home for 6 short months and each closet had stuff packed in it! When I say packed I mean you couldn’t reach for a towel without junk falling out on top of you. It was a bad situation.

You see, when we originally looked at our home, there were so many things we loved about it that the small closets didn’t seem like a big deal.

Fast forward to our lack of closet space and seemed like a very big deal.

So I decided to make it my mission to create a functional, organized closet space for our family. Here is How To Get Multiple Uses Out Of A Small Closet Space.

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I’m a realistic minimalist by nature and like to keep things decluttered and organized. But that is impossible to do if you have not implemented a system that works. I hadn’t taken the time to do that which is why our closets were a disaster!

I wanted a closet that I wasn’t terrified to open or worse….one of our guests to open! Yikes! I needed anything and everything that was space saving, organizing, and decluttering. I knew I was going to need to be creative.

The first step I took was to dramatically downsize each category I wanted to fit in my tiny closet. The first place I started was downsizing my cleaning supplies.

We use to have multiple cleaners for each cleaning task and it was overwhelming not to mention they were all filled with harmful chemicals. I cut my cleaning supply bill in half by investing in nontoxic microfiber towels that don’t need a cleaner. I know it sounds too good to be true but these towels are amazing and SO worth the money.

The next category I downsized the kid’s craft supply. We used to have dozens of bins of crayons, markers, pencils, glue, and stickers. I simplified by just selecting a few items that my kids actually played with. We cut our craft supply in half.

Lastly, I became extremely intentional with which coats actually needed to be kept in the closet. We decided the only things that deserved a place in this closet were the items that we used on the daily for that specific season.

Once we got the decluttering out of the way, it was time to start organizing and creating a space for each item I wanted to fit in my closet.

Pro Tip For Keeping Things Organized: Every single item needs to have a designated space. This step is SO crucial because if you don’t have a place for each item, you will be back to a messy closet within the next month. I promise.

Below are some images of how I turned our tiny coat closet into and multi-functioning closet space. I am happy to say that since I create this space it has worked really well for our family.

This closet space contains our seasonal coats, kids crafts, and all my cleaning supplies.

Swap Out Hangers For Hooks

Hooks are EVERYTHING!! They are functional, inexpensive, open the closet space, and make it so much easier to grab and go!

As mentioned before, we make it a point to only keep seasonal coats and jackets in this space. All hoodies, sweaters, and items we don’t use on the daily get stored in a storage bin or in a closet in the basement.

You can purchase these HERE.

Simplify Each Category

In order for you to get multiple uses out of small closet space, you have to simplify each category. We talked about this a little bit earlier in the post. Two years ago, before I started a journey to minimalism, I never would have been able to keep all my cleaning supplies and kids crafts in this closet space.

But by simplifying and downsizing my cleaning supplies, they are all able to fit in this small space comfortably.

I also simplified my kid’s crafts. We basically keep paper, crayons, pencils, and glue sticks on hand. I have a few drawers to keep craft projects in but still, try to keep those to a minimum.

Invest In Specific Organizing Equipment To Fit Your Space

This point is so important. I cannot tell you how many times I have cleaned and organized my closet only to find it a wreck shortly after. Every single item NEEDS to have a specific place in your home.

Invest in storage bins that you like and that work for your closet space. I love these bins from Target. You can also purchase them here White Weaved Bins.

Hang Things On The Inside Of The Closet Door

Utilized every inch of closet space in order to make it work for multiple categories. I purchased this closet hanger on Amazon Prime and LOVE it!

I keep a few cleaning supplies (yes, I do keep a very limited supply) up top where the kids cannot reach them and most of their crafts on the three lower shelves.

By installing this rack, I added enough space to store several shelves worth of items #winning

You can purchase this rack here.

Use The Floor In Your Closet

I added this roller drawer to the bottom of my closet to house games and additional crafts for kids. Eventually, I will have Donavin build and install something permanent but this works for now.

Add Additional Shelving

Utilizing every bit of space is key for having a multi-use closet. If your space allows, add an additional shelf in the top of your closet for added storage.

Use Bins To Organize

I added two bins to my top shelf. One holds, hat scarves, gloves, and umbrella (basically anything you grab when you’re walking out of the door) and the other holds reusable shopping bags. See photo above. You can also purchase them here White Weaved Bins.

Add Additional Hooks To Any Extra Space

I added to hooks on the inner wall to hang my big shopping bags on.

In conclusion:

the major thing to remember when trying to combine a tiny closet space is to keep it simple, have a place for everything, and stay committed to keeping the space clutter free!! Ask yourself what you actually NEED and use.

These tips will keep your closet organized and tidy so you don’t have to stress about the clutter!

For me, a cluttered home = a cluttered mind.

There is freedom in decluttering and organizing your space.

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May Your Coffee Be Stronger Than Your Toddler <3

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