Overwhelmed at the thought of spring cleaning? Check out The Ultimate Spring Cleaning Checklist for 2019 for daily actionable tasks to get it done in 15-30 minutes per day!

The Ultimate Spring Cleaning Checklist for 2019

By nature, I tend to be a tidy person.

When we first got married my house was rarely messy and I spent my free time organizing things. I’m still one of those crazy people that actually likes to clean. It relaxes me. Hence the reason I am SO excited to share The Ultimate Spring Cleaning Checklist for 2019 with you all.

Still, after having three kids in three years, I find it much more difficult to keep a tidy house. Let’s just say I have lowered my standards….. A LOT!!

I really want to be the mom that is able to sit down and enjoy the moment when there are dishes in the sink, but that’s just not me. I feel like I actually have nerve endings connected to my house and I feel utterly perplexed when it’s messy.

To me, a messy house = a messy mind and I cannot think in one.

If you are in a desperate sitation with your home, check out this post. House Cleaning Tips When You Are Feeling Overwhelmed

I have a daily house cleaning checklist I use that really helps keep me on track. I will be honest in saying that even in my best efforts to keep my house tidy, you will still usually find toys on the floors and unorganized closets.

So I started implementing a deep cleaning before each season for a couple reasons…

  • Keeps the mess and organization manageable and less daunting
  • Enables you to purge BEFORE you have unending mountains of crap
  • Brings peace of mind knowing that if your closet is unorganized it’s ok because you are going to declutter and deep clean within the next month or two

Here is my Spring/Fall Cleaning task list that I do twice per year (and sometimes before Christmas if it’s gotten really bad)

I have this list broken up into 24 days to make it manageable. Each of these tasks should take between 15-30 minutes. So if you’re like me and don’t want to spend an entire weekend cleaning your home, use this checklist to tackle the mess stress-free.

Note: You will notice that I like to work in sections because it is much less overwhelming for me. I break each task up into sections to make them manageable and time efficient rather than emptying out my entire closet in one setting. That is just so overwhelming to me.

Other Note 🙂 I have included organizers I use and love because I know from experience that you WILL NOT be able to keep your home clean if you do not have proper organizing equipment. Trust me on this one, I tried for years, and failed; -P

*This post contains affiliate links to products I use and trust. This means I may receive a small commission (at no extra cost to you) when you purchase any products using my links below.

Now, on to…….

The Ultimate Spring Cleaning Checklist for 2019

Day 1: Refridgerator

Empty out one section at a time, discard outdated foods, wipe section down, return items to their proper place.

Day 2: Deep Clean Stove And Oven

Spray and wipe down outside of stove and oven. Clean inside of the oven as well. This is something that often gets missed and is a nightmare to deal with once it is really dirty.

This cleaner and these cleaning clothes are the bomb. I can’t recommend them enough. They last forever.

Day 3: Kitchen Cupboards and Drawers

Start with wiping down your cupboards. I use magic erasers because they are amazing and really great for detail work. And yes, I do buy them in bulk.

The kitchen is the most likely place to have a junk drawer which I’m actually not against. I think having a place to store random crap is important. But it’s equally important to keep your junk organized!! I use this insert and love it!

Day 4: Coat Closet

Remove each section, clean, discard items that don’t belong and return everything to it’s home.

Check out Simple Coat Closet Decluttering Ideas That Will Actually Keep It Organized for more ideas.

Day 5: Linen Closet

See day 4 and here for more tips on closet cleaning out and organization.

Day 6: Living Area / Dining Area

Our dining and living area are kind of combined so I do them in one day but you can split them up if you’d like.

I start with the ceiling fan, vents, blinds, and curtains. ((remove and wash curtains). I use this and love it.

Next, start at the entryway in the room and work your way around the whole room. This helps you stay on track and not miss anything.

Don’t forget…

  • Baseboards
  • Walls
  • Coffee table
  • Dining table
  • Any miscellaneous furniture

Day 7: Office Area

File, dust, and declutter. This is another area that will stay clean and organized longer if you invest in a few office organization systems.

Day 8: Bathroom 1

Start in the shower and remove all bottles, soaps, and toys. Throw kids toys in the dishwasher and toss any empty bottles.

Day 9: Bathroom 2

See day 8

Day 10: Medicine Cabinet

Discard any out of date items, and return items in priority of how often you use them.

I use these to help organize our medicine cabinet.

Day 11: Entertainment Area

Wipe down the entertainment area.

Day 12: Clean out pantry

This is another task that I like to split up into sections rather than take everything out. It just seems more manageable and less overwhelming.

This is also another space that will not stay organized unless you invest in specific pantry organizers. I listed a few below.

Day 13: Microwave and Sink

Spray and let sit with your preferred cleaner. Wipe down.

Day 14: Kids Closets and drawers

Pack up any items that are out of season, check sizes on all clothes, donate items that do not fit or won’t fit next season.

Orgnize additional items in storage bins.

Day 15: Master Bed Closet

A good rule of thumb prior to any closet declutter is to create designated spaces before you get started.

  • Keep: Items that belong in the closet but need to be organized in a proper place
  • Storage: Items that you want to keep but are out of season (coats, vests, gloves, hats).
  • Throw Away: Items that are broken or no longer usable.
  • Donate: Items that are in good condition but just don’t serve your family anymore.
  • Sell: Items that are in good condition and have held value but aren’t serving your family anymore.
  • Relocate: Items that were placed in the closet but belong somewhere else in the house

If you’re anything like me, the master bedroom closet can be scary!! If you take the time to create the spaces above, it will really streamline the process.

Start be removing items and going through them one step at a time. Clean the section, and return items. Use this deep cleaning as an opportunity to declutter and purge your wardrobe by asking the questions listed below about each item.

  • Does this item bring me joy?
  • Does it fit correctly
  • Do I like the way I look in it
  • Do I like the way it makes me feel about myself?
  • What didn’t I wear and why didn’t I wear it?
  • Is it in good condition? (because we all have a ratty t-shirt from high school hahaha)
  • Do I like the way the fabric feels on my skin

It’s better to have 5 things you actually love than 10 things you like the idea of having.

Day 16: Master bedroom

Start with ceiling fan or light fixture. Dust vent, baseboard, and blinds. Wash curtains. Move and clean under all furniture. Declutter tops of dressers, clean mirrors.

Day 17: Master Bed Drawers

Work through one drawer at a time. Use system listed in number 15.

Day 18: Kids Bedroom

Start with ceiling fan or light fixture. Dust vent, baseboard, and blinds. Wash curtains. Move and clean under all furniture. Declutter tops on dressers, clean mirrors.

Day 19: Laundry Room

Empty the overflowing lint trash can (we all have one). Wipe down and clean out cupboards. Create a system for laundry that will keep your room organized.

Day 20: Update all Smoke detector and security system

I don’t think this needs any further explanation.

Day 21&22: Inside and outside windows

Day 23: Toys

Go through and organize toys. I honestly purge A LOT of this stuff. Get rid of any items that are broken or aren’t being used.

Day 24: Go Through Book Collection
See number 23.

Good Luck! You can do this! <3



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