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My Favorite Things!

Wanna know the secret to keeping a clean house?

Spoiler alert – It IS NOT spending your life cleaning.

…..and it isn’t organizing either. Are you starting to feel relieved?

Keeping a clean house starts with being intentional about every single item you bring in it.

Learning to declutter and create a system that only allows the things you truly love in your home will create a beautiful space that you actually enjoy.

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Organization is the second layer to keeping your home clean.

Do you remember those times you spent hours cleaning and organizing that one closet only to find it a disaster just a few short weeks later? Me too, and it is the worst.

The secret to actually keeping your home clean is to create a simple organizational system that enable you to keep everything in its place.

Which is why I created this Home Management Tool Kit for Your Convenience.

For the Home

My favorite cleaning products:

I cut my cleaning supplies in half by switching to a micro fiber self cleaning cloth. I used a brand called Norwex but there are others on the market. I would only ever buy these because they are super high quality and worst every single penny! I ditched all of my toxic cleaners that were giving me terrible headaches and pretty much only use the product listed below.

I have the Whole Household Collection and LOVE it! It is such a great value and we end up saving money since we buy little to no cleaners anymore.

I also purchased this window cleaning system that requires no cleaner. I know it sounds crazy but it actually works and is amazing!

Organization Hardware

Single Hooks – I use these in multiple spaces in my home and LOVE them.

Hooks are EVERYTHING! They are inexpensive, open the space up, and much more functional! I have them in our room, the kids room, and most of our closets.

Door Rack

I have two of these door racks and LOVE them to help keep my closets organized.


When you have a lot of traffic in your bathroom, the area rug gets dirty very quickly. And on bath day it’s usually drenched!! So gross!!

After a stay in a hotel, I really loved not having to deal with a damp area rug. They usually just have a thin area rug draped over the bathtub.

I purchased these towels and we do the same.

After bathtime I drape it and it drys nicely. I purchased the two pack and switch it out midweek. I just shake it out and throw it in the washer. Easy, peasy, lemon squeezy!

Health and Wellness


All things Coffee

Reading List

Favorite DYI’S

Air Freshener

Easy Detox Bath Salt Recipe

see Ridiculously Easy Detox Bath Salt Recipe

  • Epsom Salt here.
  • Himalayan Sea Salt. Here.
  • Dried Flower petals {optional}. Here.
  • Glass test tubes. Here. I used these.

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