What I Wore On Our First Royal Caribbean Cruise

What I Wore On Our First Royal Caribbean Cruise

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I felt a little overwhelmed when it came to picking outfits to bring on our cruise.

We had a verity of adventures planned and I really needed versatile, functional, yet still fashionable attire.

We also wanted to only bring a carry on which meant my space was limited.

I decided to keep it simple…

  • Stick to neutrals

  • Bring items that are interchangeable

  • Comfort is a must

  • Fashionable is a must

  • Must be versatile

I decided to bring a couple categories of clothing items that could also be turned into evening wear.

I actually did almost all my shopping on Amazon for our trip because their clothing is cost-efficient and of course free shipping is always amazing.

I will say that the quality isn’t the best, but for the clothing I wanted I was ok with that for the price.

My biggest mistake was not bringing enough dressy clothes. I really wanted to pack light because we didn’t want to have to check bags.

Here is My Minimalist Outfit Checklist

  • Two hats:

  • one baseball cap and one floppy hat

  • Two Bathing Suits: (Should have brought 3)

  • Three Bathing Suit Cover-ups:

  • Striped Dress

  • Tan Cover up

  • White Cover-up

  • Four pairs of shoes:

  • Birkenstocks

  • Shower sandals

  • Converse

  • Tan Wedges

  • Four pairs of pants:

  • Two jeans

  • One Pair of olive green cargo pants

  • Black Boho Pants

  • Three dresses: (I should have brought one more)

  • Jean Dress

  • Peplum dress for “Dress Your Best” night

  • Striped cover up

  • 4 Shirts:

  • Olive crop top

  • Floral off the shoulder

  • Two t-shirts

Day 1:

This was a travel day since we flew in the day of our cruise. I wore my favorite pair of high waisted stretchy cargo pants from American eagle and a comfortable shirt.

Once we boarded the ship, I changed into my tankini, a pair of jeans, and a cover-up.

This was one of my favorites outfits because it was super versatile.

Then I changed into a jean dress for dinner which was comfortable but a bit more dressy.

Day 2:

Day two we spent at Blue Lagoon Island. We purchased the dolphin experience as a birthday gift to me, and spend the day rest of the day at a gorgeous beach!

I wore my black one-piece swimsuit and a pair of boho styled pants and a tan cover up I got years ago.

Day two is also “Dress Your Best” night on the ship. I wore a dress I picked up at Ross for $12 that looked much nicer than it actually was.

Day 3:

We were at sea. I wore my same black bathing suit under this striped cover-up dress which ended up being one of my favorites pieces I purchased from Amazon.

I wore the same dress to dinner and it totally worked! Would definitely recommend this item because it is comfortable and versatile.

Day 4:

Day four we were supposed to be at CoCoCay Island which is a private island owned by Royal Caribbean but the waves were a bit rough that day and we weren’t able to dock which was really disappointing.

I wore the same pair of jean shorts from day one, and an olive green top from target.

I changed into a nicer pair of jeans for dinner but I will definitely bring a dress for each day next time.

Day 5:

Was another travel day. I wore a light sweater, a pair of comfy jeans, and my converse.

I also brought very few cosmetic and hair care items. I didn’t take a ton of time to straighten or curl my hair because we were in and out of the pool throughout the day and I just wore it with my natural waves at night.

My cosmetics included:

  • Tinted moisturizer

  • Mascara

  • Eyebrow pencil

  • Blush

  • Highlighter

  • Two eyeshadows

  • & lip gloss

I really embraced the beachy lifestyle and wore very little makeup.

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What I Wore On Our First Royal Caribbean Cruise



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