How to keep Your Christmas Checklist Simple but Significant

How to keep Your Christmas Checklist Simple but Significant

Hey Friends!!

As the holiday approaches, it’s so important to have a plan to help keep your life stress free.

Check out these tips on a Simply but Significant Christmas Prep Plan so you can spend more time doing the important things………like making memories and enjoying the ones you love…..and eating ridiculous amounts of cookies.

1. Get your planner out and start scheduling.

Gather work schedules, school programs, church calendars, and holiday parties in one place and add them all to your master planner. I love this one. Add everything you can possibly think of including gym schedules and coffee with a friend. In this case more is more. It’s easier to cross things off your list than forget an important event.

2. Deep clean and declutter your house.

I know it’s not fun, but having a clean house clears your mind and gives you space to breathe. Not to mention it makes room for all the stuff that is going to be added to your house during this season. Go through closets, donate old clothes and toys and throw items away that aren’t serving you (broken toys, used batteries, old makeup).

3. Meal plan.

I was honestly scared of meal planning for so long. It seemed so overwhelming. Start small by planning for no more than one week at a time. Once you really start meal planning, you will end up spending much less time in the kitchen and much less money on groceries. It also will help you make healthier choices over the holiday which can be incredibly challenging.

4. Make a budget and stick to it.

I cannot even tell you how many Christmas seasons we went into debt trying to BUY ALL THE THINGS!! Trust me, it’s not worth it. Come up with a reasonable budget and stick to it. I love making and receiving DIY Christmas gifts. I’m sure your co-workers and preschool teachers do as well. My friend Margaret has some amazing DIY tutorials on her blog that make great Christmas gifts!

5. Choose where you spend your time wisely.

It is really easy to let the holiday slip by without having time to really take it in and enjoy it. Before you say yes to that ugly sweater party, make sure it is something that serves you and your family.

6. Remember the true meaning of Christmas.

Perspective is everything!! Center your Christmas season around celebrating Christ’s birth and spreading His message. It tends to make everything else seem very small.



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