Easy DIY Modern Holiday Wreath

Easy DIY Modern Holiday Wreath

Hey Friends!

I hosted a Holiday wreath party for the first time this year and it was SO much fun!!

Making your own wreath is an easy, cost-effective, and a fun way to enjoy the holiday season with friends and family! I loved doing a minimalist wreath because it’s less bulky and much less mess!

As always i’ve put together an amazon shopping list for your convenience <3

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Here is what we used…

  • 6 metal rings. you can order here.

  • Glue gun. Here.

  • Flexible floral wire. Here.

  • Any greens or accent pieces you’d like. You can trim greens from any bush in your backyard, or pick up items from your local craft store.

  • Wire cutters. Here.

  • Floral tape. Here.

Here are a few artificial accent pieces I picked up at Joann Fabrics.

…and here are some gorgeous greens I clipped from our backyard.


Take a ring and start clipping your greens. I like to assemble them on the ring before I attach them so I can see if I need more or less. There is really no wrong way to create your wreath. Decide on weather you’d like to use wire or tape to attached your greens. I like using wire because it’s easier to use but the tape really does look a bit more put together.

I like the asymmetrical minimal look but you can certainly fill the whole wreath in or make it even at the bottom ((see photo example below)).

Once you’ve attached your greens, I like to go back through and add my accent pieces.

Finish by adding a ribbon or twine to the top.

You can see all the different looks in the photo below. I love that each wreath reflects each persons personality <3 <3

If you’d like to save this project for later on your pinterest board, you can simply hover over the photo below to pin it! xoxox

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