Ditch the Decluttering Guilt and Feel Good About Downsizing

You know those days that you finally feel motivated to organize and get rid of stuff? But when you sit down to do it, the guilt sets in….

Holding on to stuff just because someone gave it to you or “it contains sentimental value” are not valid reasons to keep them. Most of that stuff ends up in a storage box for years. 

Here are a few ways to ditch the guilt that follows decluttering and move along to have a happy, clutter free home.

1. Fear of getting rid of things

Instead of living in constant fear of throwing things away, think of what a blessing it could be to someone else by donating it. 


2. It was a gift

People love giving presents and making you feel good. Many times they don’t even expect you to keep the item forever. Yet you find yourself feeling guilty for downsizing. Create a re-gifting box to make someone else’s day (keep a note of who you got the item from so you don’t regift to the same person who originally bought you the gift) 


3. It contains sentimental value

Create a small memory box and fill it only with small items that TRULY have sentimental value. Take pictures of larger items to remember them. But don’t feel like you need to hold on to them for years in storage.

4. Fear of waisting money 

If it’s not adding value to your life, it needs to go. Use it as a way to curb your spending next time around.


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