4 Reasons to Declutter


It seems like each season I accumulate stuff I don’t need which leaves my house messy and me feeling stressed. I like to declutter and organize going into each new season. It just makes everything run much more smoothly. 

Here are a few reasons I like to declutter.

1. Clutter costs time & money: 

Having a messy house can actually end up costing you.  When you are surrounded by tons of stuff, a simple task like making dinner can take much longer than it needs to by having to clean and move stuff just to make space to cook. Mess can cost you money in multiple ways. Have you ever misplace a bill and end up having to pay a late fee? NOT FUN!! What about buying the same item like crayons multiple times because you’ve lost them? 

2. You’re always late: 

Trying to leave the house takes forever because you lose and forget things. It can be SO frustrating! There have been times when I have had to run back in the house three to five times to get stuff I forgot for the kids. SIMPLIFY!! Pick a few must have items and keep it simple. It will make leaving the house so much easier. You’ll thank me 😉

3. It’s stressful:

Studies have shown that managing piles of stuff actually raises stress levels. I personally get panicky when theres too much stuff around my house. Take some time to declutter, and get rid of the non essentials to free up physical and mental space.

4. It gives you more space: 

Less stuff equals more space for you to enjoy the things that REALLY matter. Those countertops will thank you for decluttering. Your closets will be more inviting, and you will feel better with less.

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