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My Favorite Things To Make The Curly Girl Method Easier

When it comes to taking care of curly hair or reviving it in some cases, the curly girl method covers all bases. 

The two things about the method that tend to turn people away are…

  1. It can be confusing knowing how to get started. There is so much information out there and every curly is different ((get your FREE Curly Girl Cheat Sheet Here))
  2. As a curly beginner, the number of things you need to purchase to get started can seem overwhelming. 

I combined a list of things I have purchased and use often below to help guide you in your decision making. 

…..& if you’re not even sure where to start and only want to get the basics, read here

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If you are new to the curly girl method or not sure what it is, head over here and read my first 30-day journey following the curly girl method and how I brought my curls back to life.

Because the curly girl method can be really confusing, I created a “Getting Started With Curly Girl Method Cheat Sheet” for you! <3

Download your FREE copy here. 

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My Favorite Things To Make The Curly Girl Method Easier

This is what I recommend getting started with if you don’t want to spend a lot of money but want products that will get you started on the right foot.

Washing Products:

I recommend Shea Moisture Strengthen Grow & Restore: has a bundle that is a great deal and everything you need for washing and deep condishing. You can get it here. You can get the bundle or just the conditioner and opt for a DIY shampoo & deep conditioner.

Styling Products:

Leave in conditioner (optional): This is semi-optional depending on how much moisture your hair needs. I like CURLS Blueberry Bliss Reparative

I also love Kinky-Curly Curling Custard.

….& that’s basically it to get started. Easy, peasy lemon squeezy!

Now if you are wanting to invest a little bit more in some helpful accessories keep reading 🙂

My Favorite Hair Accessories

Classic Denman Brush: This is my favorite styling tool. Get it here!

Hair Pick: This one is bomb! It is infused with Argan Oil, Olive Oil and Keratin and totally worth the money! I use mine every day. Get it here!

Scalp Messager: These are bomb. I use them every single day. They promote blood circulation that may increase hair growth and also help to create volume.

Diffuser and blow dryer combo: I love the orchid diffuser blow dryer combo!

It’s affordable, durable, and the perfect size to diffuse a good amount of my hair at once. Get it here!

Silk Bonnet: I’m not obsessed with it (in the market for a new one) but it works and is affordable. Buy it here.

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