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Before You Start The Curly Girl Method, READ THIS

If you are reading this, chances are you have stumbled on and are fascinated by the curly girl method.

You’ve seen dozens of before and afters and would LOVE to give it a try and see what kind of results are in store for you.

But one thing stands your way…….. Cost & Confusion.

For me, it wasn’t that I didn’t want to spend the money. It was that I didn’t know what the heck to spend it on.

I got sucked into the curly girl worm whole on Instagram and felt inspired to start and document my own curly girl journey. Read more here. 

It just seemed really overwhelming because there are so many different products on the market and so many different curl types. 

My goal in this post is to shed some light on how to start your curly journey with clarity and without breaking the bank right out of the gate. 

Which is why I created “Getting Started With Curly Girl Cheat Sheet” (including a guide to my favorite affordable drug store products) to help simplify the process and get you the curly results you want quickly!

You can Download Your FREE copy here. 

First of all, don’t let all the YouTube and IGTV videos stress you out. 

Don’t get me wrong, fancy diffusers, clips, nightcaps, brushes and an array of bougie hair products have their place in a curly girls life. 


But who wants to drop hundreds on products and gadgets before they even know if it’s going to work? not me and probably not you.

And let’s be real, no matter how fancy a product or gadget is, there is no guarantee it’s going to work on your specific hair type until you actually test it. 

Habits & Method > Products & Gadgets 

The truth is, behind every successful curly girl are healthy habits and proven methods that have been tested for her specific hair type.

 It is so important to start learning about your hair and experimenting with what works before making large purchases. 

Your hair may do better with air dry, or maybe you prefer a max hold gel rather than a light one? 

You won’t know until you give these methods a try. 

Habits are something that you will need to learn about and incorporate into your daily routine in order to have bouncing soft curls.

Read more about Healthy Curly Hair Habits Here.

When it comes down to the most important items to have on hand when starting the curly girl method it’s actually fairly simple.

  • 1. Conditioner 
  • 2. Leave In Condioner
  • 3. Gel 
  • Optional: Deep Conditioner 

You can get curly girl approved options of these products at almost any drugstore for under $30. Boom!

So don’t let the confusion and cost hold you back from starting your own CG journey.

Your perfect curls are right around the corner.

I’m a big fan of experimenting with DIY recipes during your first 30 days on CG. You may find the perfect fit for your curls.

Here are some of my favorite DIY recipes that are mostly made up of ingredients that are already in your kitchen. 

  • Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse: Adds Moisture
  • Rice Water: Promotes Growth and adds Protein (be sure to use a good amount of conditioner after this rinse). 
  • Scalp Treatment: Promotes hair growth and overall hair health
  • Flax Seed Gel: Adds moisture and repairs hair shaft

In Conclusion: I recommend keeping it simple to get started, then build on curly items as you continue down your curly girl journey.

The longer you are practing the mothod, the better idea you will have of what your specific curls need.

After all, The Curly Girl Method is a lifestyle. 

Don’t forget to get your “Getting started with curly girl cheat sheet” here. 



P.S I LOVE connecting with curlies around the world. Jump over to Instagram and say hello! 

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