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The Right Way To Brush Curly Hair

Detangling curls is no small task. 

Whether your hair has tight coils or loose waves, it’s super important that you are giving your curls the care they need when it comes to detangling. Today, I’m sharing The Right Way To Brush Curly Hair.

It’s important to detangle your hair before you wash because curls tend to create matted hair that can lead to hair loss.

But curly hair is very temperamental when it comes to brushing. If done wrong you will end up with a frizzy mess and damaged curls. 

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Why Properly Detangling Your Hair Is SO Important

Because curly hair is unique, it requires a specific detangling technique.

If you are not detangling curly hair properly, you could cause damage and even hair loss.

To keep your curls happy and healthy, it is super important that you incorporate proper detangling into your hair regime.

The Right Way To Brush Curly Hair

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Start with a pre-poo

I’m a big believer in doing a quick pre-poo before you begin the detangling process. You can read more about a pre-poo here. 

This helps to train your curls and makes it really easy to get the tangles out without damaging your hair. 

Don’t Underestimate Finger Detangling

One of the best ways to detangle your curls is by simply using your fingers.

Wet your hair thoroughly and apply your favorite conditioner or oil. Message through your hair then gently run your fingers through each section of your hair breaking up tangles.

One huge pro to finger detangling is that it helps to keep your natural curl clumps together and maintain your curl pattern throughout your wash

Brush While Wet Or Dry?

This is something I found really confusing when I first began my curly girl journey. 

You will find dozens of curlies that will ONLY brush their hair wet while others swear by brushing dry. 

Naturallycurly’s curl chemist Tonya McKay says that dry hair stretches 20%-30% when force is applied and wet hair stretched 50% which makes it more fragile and easier to cause breakage.

I personally only detangle when my hair is wet followed by a pre poo of some sort. It just seems to detangled with little shedding as possible.

Don’t Brush From Root To Tip

This puts a lot of strain on the hair shaft and can cause breakage.

Instead, start from the bottom and work your way to the top, gently detangling as you go. 

Choose Your Brush Wisely 

Choosing the right brush for detangling is key!

The two brushes that I couldn’t live without are the Behairful Brush (use code CURLYCOLLEEN for 20% off) and the Denman Brush.

I like them both for different reasons (read my full review here) and I have heard great things about the wet brush as well.

The point is that your brush type matters. Choose something designed specifically for curly hair.

Always Clean Your Brush 

You brush will hold hair and product buildup. Always clean your brush to get the best use out of it.

In Conclusion:

How you brush curly hair matters.

Always start with a prepoo, don’t be afraid to use your fingers, choose a brush that is for curly hair, always clean your brush.


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