About This Blog

Hi! I’m Colleen! 

I’ve gone from loving, hating, over-processing, and just throwing my curls in a messy bun because I didn’t know what else to do with them. 

Curls have a mind of their own and you never know what you’re gonna get.

After four back to back pregnancies (1 miscarriage & 3 births) my hair was in the worst condition it has ever been.

I cut and lightened it to platinum which made it go from bad to worse. I was pulling out handfuls in the shower and there was little to no body left in it.

I felt like straw! It was so terrible!I never thought I would have curls again.

I had my hands full with my kids and just didn’t have the time to put into researching home treatments and I didn’t want to spend a ton of money on expensive products.

At that point for fear of my hair falling out, I decided to start trying to take better care of my hair.

I had a few salon deep treatments that were helping bring back my curls. The curl was slowly but surely coming back.

But I hadn’t committed to avoiding heat and doing treatments at home.

As my kids grew and became more independent, I finally decided to start doing research on how to bring my curls back.

It seemed like all roads led to the curly girl method. Read more here.

As I dug deeper and deeper into how to do the curly girl method, I was SO excited to get started and convinced it was what my hair needed.

…& the proof is in the pudding <3

Read about my first 30 days following curly girl here.

After one month of a ton of research and experimentation, my curls are softer, bouncier, and happier than they have ever been!

I think my biggest take away thus far about the curly girl method is that it is so much more about the technique you use and how you treat your hair than some magical product!

….& it is a journey!

If you are desperate to bring your curls back or just want to learn more about how to take care of them, I made a quick getting started with the curly girl cheat sheet just for you!

Because it can be overwhelming getting started.

Download your FREE copy here #becauseIloveyou

My goals on this journey are to…..

1. Repair damage hair
2. Establish a consistent healthy haircare routine #curlygirlmethod
3. Find the best techniques that work for my curls
4. Give me all the volume!

…..& share what i’ve learned with all of you! <3

I am sharing my journey here to…..

  1. Document my curly girl journey (help me be consistent)
  2. Create an easy guide for any curly who thinks there is no hope. Get your cheat sheet here.
  3. Review and test all different products and techniques
  4. Connect with other curlies around the world! #curlfriends#curliebesties

My curl type is 3A, high porosity with medium density.

 If you don’t know what that means it’s ok, I didn’t either. But I did a ton of research and wrote an article to sum it all up. You can read it here.

If you’re a #curlymethod pro or beginner drop a comment below! I’d love to connect!

& don’t forget to follow and say hello on Instagram! I offer daily tips and LOVE connecting with other curlies! <3 @curly_colleen